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Customer Reviews

Submitted on 2016-05-17T06:27:00

Comments: Your drivers were the best - caring a d helpful a d courteous. Thank you.

Submitted on 2016-05-14T16:32:00

Comments: So glad this service is available in Rochester! Not one negative thing about this experience .

Submitted on 2016-05-10T08:47:00

Comments: Long time rider--you guys are the best!

Submitted on 2016-05-10T07:56:00

Comments: best driver of the bunch!!! always super friendly, remembers my name, and makes great time. give him a raise!!!!

Submitted on 2016-04-12T17:45:00

Comments: Always my choice of transport when visiting Rochester

Submitted on 2016-04-09T12:35:00

Comments: Best service ever. So glad You are in Rochester. Thanks a lot.

Submitted on 2016-04-09T10:02:00

Comments: loved the taxi connect service!

Submitted on 2016-04-09T07:28:00

Comments: Friendly and courteous driver; greatly appreciated!!

Submitted on 2016-04-08T12:46:00

Comments: Thankful we have such a service in Rochester! Thanks!

Submitted on 2016-04-07T18:03:00

Comments: Best shuttle! Like clockwork! I love the taxi service too!

Submitted on 2016-04-07T11:59:00

Comments: The driver was friendly and pleasant. Most importantly, he was safe. Pickup at my hotel made it so easy. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone needing a ride to the airport!

Submitted on 2016-04-07T06:29:00

Comments: Found out through a conversation that the driver was a veteran! Kudos for hiring a vet! He was a great driver

Submitted on 2016-04-05T23:06:00

Comments: Steve was a truly excellent driver! Warm, professional, friendly, prompt -- he was perfect. I hope to ride with him again some time!

Submitted on 2016-04-02T11:15:00

Comments: Thank you for great customer service and getting me on an earlier shuttle before I even asked!

Submitted on 2016-03-31T11:55:00

Comments: Very please. First time using you, will use you again. See you in three months.

Submitted on 2016-03-31T07:16:00

Comments: This driver was very personable and informative.

Submitted on 2016-03-30T16:36:00

Comments: I am very like go Rochester DirectThe service very good.I'll coming again.thanks

Submitted on 2016-03-30T12:29:00

Comments: Arrived earlier than my scheduled time was able to get earlier shuttle because of availability without any hassle. Very courteous 8:45am driver. Thanks

Submitted on 2016-03-30T09:05:00

Comments: Ron is an excellent and skilled driver. Polite and thoughtful of the safety and comfort of his passengers. A real asset to your company.

Submitted on 2016-03-29T08:28:00

Comments: I lost my drivers license due to advanced macular degeneration five years ago and have grown to depend on Go Rochester Direct. Very reliable and personable service! I couldn't live without it!

Submitted on 2016-03-25T11:46:00

Comments: We were in a snow storm and the closer we got to Rochester the worse it got. You have an excellent driver. Take good care of him as your employee.

Submitted on 2016-03-23T18:36:00

Comments: You were a life saver when our flight was canceled!

Submitted on 2016-03-23T16:46:00

Comments: Keith was awesome. Weather was terrible, and he made us feel comfortable and safe.

Submitted on 2016-03-23T09:37:00

Comments: Thank you for a safe enjoyable ride

Submitted on 2016-03-23T09:24:00

Comments: On timeGood driving Friendly reservation agent

Submitted on 2016-03-22T07:47:00

Comments: Thank you so much. Joanie was fabulous. A great, safe ride and wonderful too talk worth do early in the morning. I'll be back!! Ann Elliott

Submitted on 2016-03-09T07:41:00

Comments: Great driver, and appreciate the service.

Submitted on 2016-03-08T10:47:00

Comments: Excellent driver andand knowledgeable. A+ service. Thank you

Submitted on 2016-03-07T16:53:00

Comments: My new transportation to Mpls!!

Submitted on 2016-03-06T16:41:00

Comments: Good directions on what to do when getting back to Msp to find your desk and pick up spot. Very satisfied first time user

Submitted on 2016-03-04T18:25:00

Comments: Impressed with the drivers level of service and friendliness!

Submitted on 2016-03-04T16:59:00

Comments: On time, nice vehicle, great ride.

Submitted on 2016-03-04T13:58:00

Comments: My driver was friendly and professional

Submitted on 2016-03-03T14:34:00

Comments: Very reasonable and driver very courteous

Submitted on 2016-03-03T09:02:00

Comments: Wonderful on time and a lot of history of Rochester !

Submitted on 2016-03-02T14:57:00

Comments: Steve was great. Don't loose him

Submitted on 2016-03-01T21:35:00

Comments: It was a fun trip. Even the other riders made this ride a social outing!

Submitted on 2016-02-28T08:26:00

Comments: Free wifi in van was a worklife-saver!! Huge gratitude. You folks run a terrific operation. Thank you.

Submitted on 2016-02-26T08:10:00

Comments: Both drivers, MSP to Rochester, Rochester - LSE & gal in Rochester, plus MSP staff, very polite, courteous & effective. Cudos to them.

Submitted on 2016-02-25T21:43:00

Comments: I very much appreciated the cab ride from Rod Chester to Minneapolis when the shuttle missed my pick up on February 8 I use Rochester Direct every three weeks and because of the great service I will continue to utilize this company

Submitted on 2016-02-25T15:43:00

Comments: I received excellent service when I forgot my medicine in Minnesota and they brought it to me on the next shuttle to Rochester. I couldn't of been more happy with the service I got. Thank you